Light Alloy

Triquench India sell best light alloy spindles manufacturers company, buy top quality include 0.8kw 220v 400hz 24000rp,  from India manufacturer.

Unlike other selling low quality spindle at doubtful low price, this is a high quality Spindle with stainless steel 304 casing and the China made ball bearing. New upgraded with adopt China imported bearing: three times useful time than ordinary spindle motor. More speed: 8000-24000 R/min. More precis collet: ER20(4mm,6mm,8mm,12mm,12.7mm) Runout off: less than 0.005mm.

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CNC  Spindle Motor 3.0 kW 380 V 400 Hz 24000 RPM
TriQuench India sells the best water cooled spindle Motor 3.0 kW High-Speed Spindle with ER 20 for  CNC Router and CNC stone engraving machines...
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